Companies in New York I would like to work for


I would like to work for staple because I’m into street wear. I saw a video on the founder of the company and I liked his story.

Ideo is a design firm that designs a wide range of products. In my type and media class we watched a video on the company and it seems like a great place to work. Their creative process in particular draws me in.

I would like to work at red rocket tattoo particularly to work with Adam Guy Hay. I really like his style of tattooing.

About Rafael Lopez

I live to create. My imagination takes me to different mindsets, to different universes, to different dimensions. I remain grounded in reality. A reality where I seek to break my limits through education. I am on the road to becoming a graphic designer. I'm looking to better my creative expression any chance i get. Gaining inspiration through everyday life. Through my experiences and the experiences of others. I hope to become a creative director in the comic book industry or any medium that allows me to tell a narrative of my own creation. I can also see myself in the advertisement industry. As I take this journey into the unknown one thing is for sure I will work hard to break the walls down of my limits
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