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Manuel’s Coffeehouse Post #2

In chapter 3, the conversation that occurs between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Utterson has to do with Mr. Hyde, the “him” that was referred to in the story was not clearly shown but it was referring to Mr. Hyde. The reason as to why this is ironic is because Utterson doesn’t like Hyde and Dr.Jekyll would not like to have this conversation when it includes Hyde, But Jekyll wants to put his faith and trust in Utterson that he will get the justice that Hyde deserves. Jekyll also decides to make the effort of asking that Utterson will make sure that Hyde, a beneficiary of Jekyll, will receive whatever is entitled to him in Jekyll’s will. It’s interesting how Utterson makes it very apparent to Jekyll that he is not fond of Hyde and needs to share information with him about Hyde that is “abominable”, Jekyll reacts in a way that makes it very apparent at how much he does not want to make Hyde the topic of discussion, almost as if just the name of Hyde alone leaves a bad taste in Jekyll and Utterson’s mouths, but somehow Jekyll is concerned enough to make sure that Hyde is taken care of. Jekyll tries to make sure that Utterson will do this favor of getting Hyde his justice and whatever belongs to him written on Jekyll’s will but had an opposite reaction when the topic of Hyde came up into question, this is questionable considering the fact that Jekyll wanted to avoid having to bring up any new information that involved Hyde himself.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Manuel. Good work on “him” and irony. Especially sharp writing about the relationship between Jekyll and Utterson–they seem to be playing with each other, but Utterson does not know how high the stakes are.
    -Prof. Scanlan

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