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Mr. Hyde is the “him’’ in bold. Utterson starts to notice how unusual Jerkll’s behavior has become and in fact, it corresponds to what Lanyon told him about their fallout. Utterson questions Jekyll about his relationship with Hyde who he seems suspicious about. The ironic part is Jekyll not giving up details about Hyde but rather begging Utterson to help Hyde for his sake when he is not around. Jerkell trusted Utterson even though Utterson did not admire Mr. Hyde and was suspicious about him. Jekyll kept the details about his relationship with Hyde away which tells me they are very close, close enough for Jerkll to plead for and defend him. Mr. Utterson stayed behind after the dinner party Jerkyll threw to talk to him about his and his suspicions of Hyde. Jekyll asks Utterson as his lawyer and not his friend to carry out his will even though Mr. Uteerson has begun to notice some things about Mr. Hyde. But Jekyll insists its in his favor to provide for Mr. Hyde. If I was in Mr Utterson’s position I wouldn’t understand why Jerkyll would make such a request even if he is in a position that I can help him get out of.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Isaac, please proofread your work. The name Jekyll is spelled three different ways! Good work on noting the irony of who is helping whom.
    -Prof. Scanlan

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