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Weekly Goth – 11/23

I chose the song Furious Angels by Rob Dougan. This was from the movie Matrix Reloaded. The whole song is gothic in and of itself due to the instrumentation especially with the violin and the cello that is what I heard most. However, I focused specifically around 4:50 because there are points around this section of the song where the strings distort somewhat but it’s very subtle at first. Then it gets louder until it gets to the end. In the end the string section distorts completely so it gives off the scratching nails on the chalkboard kind of vibe. Also the music style itself sounds very ominous in the beginning even though it sounds upbeat and exciting towards the middle.

Jessica’s Weekly Goth

The Amityville Horror (2005 film) | Jodie’s spirit and Devil 

For my weekly Gothic, I pick a very well-known movie “The Amityville Horror”. This movie is based on a true story. The night of November 13, 1764, a man named Ronald Defeo Jr killed all his family members with a marline rifle. He shot his mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers while they were sleeping. “The Amityville Horror” was written as a continuation of what could have happened after, so it is fictional. There are some Gothic elements in this movie that help it to make it horrify such as lighting, lighting is dark which makes is gloomy. Another Gothic element is the supernatural elements. Furniture and windows start to move on their own. The music in the background also helps to build the suspense and fear. There is symbolism present, which is time, when it’s 3:15 in the morning, coincidentally the same time Ronald killed his family, weird things tend to happen. There is a portent which means a sign or warning, and in the clip, there is a part where George has a sinister dream of him killing his family. Overall, this movie is a nightmare and has many Gothic elements to it, today the house is located on long island and people are living in it.   

Salim’s Weekly Goth

This is an old cartoon from cartoon network called courage the cowardly dog and I picked this episode because it showed a lot of gothic elements since the start where there is a dark figure and we can just hear his dark thoughts which is a very gothic element showing the spirit of perverseness because the figure itself knows it bad but won’t stop. He always emphasizes on how he’s been “naughty” and thats his nature. There was also signs of terror when courage the dog was trapped with the man Fred in the bathroom since the pressure and pending and courage didn’t know what would happen to him as Fred was dangerous and the terror continued while he caught courage and told his story about his naughty acts.The finale part which was gothic to me was the music as Fred talked letting us view it as something bad was bound to happen.

Fatma Weekly Goth

For my weekly goth I chose this song called Derailed by Joyce Manor. I chose this song because the lyrics in the end explore the darker emotions that are associated with love, contrary to how it is usually portrayed (which is in a positive, more lighthearted way). He says “Oh my god I think I’m in love, yes I know that this must be love when you ache through the days ‘cause you’ll never mend your ways.” These lyrics are speaking about and highlighting the adversities of experiencing love. I think there also may be some elements of the spirit of perverseness when they speak about crashing the toy train into buildings. The speaker in the song says “Will you buy me a train set and a hat so that I can sit alone in my room sending people away from the ones they love. Or crash them into buildings, explosions, derailments, and screaming children.” They don’t give a clear reason as to why they would do that those things, but after listening to the song a few times I concluded that it could possibly be to make others feel the way they do; to do wrong not only for the sake of doing wrong, but to make others feel what they are feeling emotionally on a more physical level. It’s an expression of their discontent. 

The Conjuring 2

I chose this specific scene from the conjuring 2 because it portrayed a lot of gothic elements. for example, the supernatural was shown in this clip. A demonic nun is seen terrorizing Lorraine as she tries to figure out where that noise is coming from. now when we think of nuns, we see holy, and good hearted woman but in this movie the nun is a demon like creature. what makes this clip even more gothic is the atmosphere. its very mysterious, dark, and suspenseful, even the music they play in the background that leads to complete silence can lead to you looking away from the screen before something scary even occurs. at the end when the nun chases loraine to the to the other side of the room, she lands in a basement like area. its dark, gloomy, and mysterious making it even more terrorizing. whats more gothic than being in a dark room by yourself staring into the eyes of a demon in the form of a nun. the conjuring 2 was rated #6 in best horror movies in 2016 because of its interesting plot, relentless jump scares, and just scary overall.

This clip is from the show Stranger Things on Netflix. I chose this clip because that scene still gives me chills after watching the whole show a few times over even though I finished the whole season. This clip demonstrates Gothic Terror as we observe Will running for his life while terrified of the creature(Mind Flayer) coming after him. As we see Will running out of fear, the setting, and the background of the building Will was running through contributes to making this scene Gothic, it’s dark, quiet, gloomy and there were shadow-like roots growing on the wall throughout the hallway as the shadow monster chase after Will which builds up terror in the scene. In the end, we hear Will plead “Go away” and still get possessed by the shadow monster. (Innocence Betrayed)

Manuel’s Weekly Goth Post

In this specific clip from The Exorcist, it shows numerous ways on how the terms “terror and horror” are presented. The reasoning for this movie being my choice is because it is one of my favorite movies of all time and has a very well executed approach at portraying terror and horror through speaking obscenities, demonic possession, supernatural sights (the bed shaking and floating from the force of the demonic presence possessing the child), and deep toned noises that are not naturally possible from a child but would be conisdered normal from a supernatural entity considered a demon. These specific scenes, in my opinion, portray gothic elements very well and also when taken into consideration of the facial expressions and body language of the actors and the actress.

Rachel’s Weekly Goth

In this short ending clip from the movie shows gothic, terror and horror and this movie is called ” The Possession Of Hannah Grace,” directed by Diederik Van Rooijen. After spending a period in rehab, the former police officer Megan Reed accepts the job offered by her friend Lisa Roberts to work in the graveyard shift in a hospital morgue. Megan is recovering from a stress caused by a situation where her partner died. Megan receives the corpse of a young woman named Hannah Grace and later a man tries to burn the body in the incinerator, who was known to be Hannah Grace’s father, but Megan and the security team hold and arrest the man. Soon Megan has the weird sensation that Hannah Grace is recovering from her injuries but her friend Lisa believes she is still using drugs and does not believe in her. But soon she realizes that there is something evil in the cadaver. But then Megan soon realized that Hannah Grace was possessed by a demon, who goes on a killing spree, killing multiple workers in the hospital, including Lisa Robert. This leave Megan faced her fears and handle the demon by herself, so she dragged the corpse that she shot multiple times and burn it for good. This definitely shows the facial expression of terror, the gruesome death of horror and it’s gothic.

Joel’s Weekly Goth

When trying to relate Horror Movies in general, they all have some form of gothic included. Annabelle, a movie based on real-life events is presented with various scenes throughout the movie that shows terror and horror which are described as Gothic elements. Airy feeling, suspense, intense terror moments, and sudden jump-scares that might make you accidentally throw your popcorn in the air. Analyzing the overall movie, it is based on terror and horror. In this Official Trailer, we can get a glimpse of what occurred during the movie and relevant scenes that demonstrate the Gothic Terror and Horror.

Tokyo Ghoul(Weekly Goth)

In my opinion I think this specific Japanese anime encapsulates the spirit of perverseness as well as a desire for the return to normalcy. This anime is about a once normal teenage boy(Kaneki) who due to an accident has been transformed into a partial ghoul, which is a carnivorous humanoid species. This scene in particular depicts the struggle Kaneki is forced to face now he’s reality has been alter, no longer human but not completely ghoul Kaneki must now find a place in a society where humans and ghouls are constantly on different sides. Although Kaneki does not wanna succumb to his carnivorous side that seeks human flesh he also can not continue he’s life as a regular human being. Kaneki knows he’s longing for flesh is wrong but it has now become a necessity in his life. However as the series progresses Kaneki goes through many challanges and enemies he’s entire nature as a person beings to change, this is ultimately symbolized through the change of his hair color from black to white as he starts to accept himself as a sort of half breed.

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