For my weekly goth I chose this song called Derailed by Joyce Manor. I chose this song because the lyrics in the end explore the darker emotions that are associated with love, contrary to how it is usually portrayed (which is in a positive, more lighthearted way). He says “Oh my god I think I’m in love, yes I know that this must be love when you ache through the days ‘cause you’ll never mend your ways.” These lyrics are speaking about and highlighting the adversities of experiencing love. I think there also may be some elements of the spirit of perverseness when they speak about crashing the toy train into buildings. The speaker in the song says “Will you buy me a train set and a hat so that I can sit alone in my room sending people away from the ones they love. Or crash them into buildings, explosions, derailments, and screaming children.” They don’t give a clear reason as to why they would do that those things, but after listening to the song a few times I concluded that it could possibly be to make others feel the way they do; to do wrong not only for the sake of doing wrong, but to make others feel what they are feeling emotionally on a more physical level. It’s an expression of their discontent.