I chose this specific scene from the conjuring 2 because it portrayed a lot of gothic elements. for example, the supernatural was shown in this clip. A demonic nun is seen terrorizing Lorraine as she tries to figure out where that noise is coming from. now when we think of nuns, we see holy, and good hearted woman but in this movie the nun is a demon like creature. what makes this clip even more gothic is the atmosphere. its very mysterious, dark, and suspenseful, even the music they play in the background that leads to complete silence can lead to you looking away from the screen before something scary even occurs. at the end when the nun chases loraine to the to the other side of the room, she lands in a basement like area. its dark, gloomy, and mysterious making it even more terrorizing. whats more gothic than being in a dark room by yourself staring into the eyes of a demon in the form of a nun. the conjuring 2 was rated #6 in best horror movies in 2016 because of its interesting plot, relentless jump scares, and just scary overall.