Final exam WeBWorK login

Last Friday, you received an email from “WeBWorK Administrator” with your final exam login information. It was sent to the email address that’s on file in CUNYFirst.

This is not your usual WeBWorK account; it’s new and just for your exam. You must log in this week to ensure that you have access. Your final exam will be available next Tuesday (really Monday night) to Wednesday. If you try to log in then and cannot, you may not be able to take your final exam.

If you did receive this email, you can try out the following login information. Let me know ASAP if you can’t log in.

Practice Exams

Once you’ve logged in, you can start taking practice exams. You can take a new practice exam after 24 hours. I suggest you take a practice exam every day until your final exam window opens next Monday night.

  • You will earn one participation point for every practice exam you take in WeBWorK.
  • You will earn a second participation point if you also send me your written work as a single PDF within 30 minutes at this link:
  • You will get a different link to submit your actual final exam.
  • The practice exams will not be graded.