We may have to experiment for a few weeks to see what platform works best for us. I’ve set up recurring meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am on the following three platforms. If you don’t find us on one platform, check the others. The links for lectures and office hours are the same.

You’ll need internet access, a webcam, and a quiet place and headphones, if you have them. You can also join meetings on your phone by calling a number. If you don’t have these things, please send me an email and we’ll figure something else out.

Meetings will be recorded and links to recordings will be shared on the OpenLab.

Plan A: Webex

You don’t need an account and you don’t need to download the Webex app to join the video sessions (you can join meetings from your browser with the meeting link and password) but your experience will be a bit better if you are able to download the (free) app to your computer or your phone and create a (free) account.

Plan B: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

You can access the meeting by logging into Blackboard, clicking on “Content” on the left side of the screen, and then “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra” but you can also just click the meeting link below to join the meeting in your browser.

Plan C: Zoom
  • Meeting link https://zoom.us/j/871921750?pwd=dzN2NzhGUVFqekhGVEpveWVpZlArUT09
  • Meeting ID: 871 921 750
  • Password: 473607
  • Phone: 1 833 302 1536
  • Right now, Zoom will limit free accounts to meetings of up to 40 minutes. If we’re using Zoom and get kicked out in the middle of a session, we’ll meet again in Webex or Blackboard.