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Monday update: Meet the Pets Party! (Practice session)

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Things have changed a lot over the past few days and they will probably keep changing quickly. This might cause some anxiety, but it makes me feel better to know that we are all doing everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Tweet from Matt Pearce: I imagine all the closures and cancellations give people a sense of ominousness. But it's really an amazing act of social solidarity: We're sacrificing so we can give nurses, doctors and hospitals a fighting chance. Start from there and hopefully we can figure out the rest.

For details related to our class, please see Friday’s update for some important details and stay tuned for more. There’s still lots we don’t know about how the rest of the semester will go, but I just noticed on the College academic calendar that the last day to withdraw from the course has been moved from April 1 to May 14, so that’s some good news!

Meet the Pets

Our first online class meeting is Monday, March 23. For now I would like to invite you to an online Meet the Pets party. This is really just our chance to resolve any technical issues on either end before we go live with our official online class on Monday at 8am. You can also ask any questions you like.

Since we’ll be at home, I’ll introduce you to our two cats, Batman and Petunia; they misbehave A LOT but we still love them because we have to. Anyone else who has a pet and would like to introduce them to the class is welcome to do so too (I would really really love to meet your pets).

Meeting Details

You’ll need a computer with internet access and a webcam, and a calm and quiet place (if you can find one…if you can’t, we can work something out); headphones are a good idea too, if you have them.

We’ll hold three sessions and you can attend any of them. Sign up for a session in the comments on this post (or comment if you can’t make any of them). You don’t have to stay long, just long enough to check in and see that the technology is working…and show us your pet! Attending one session will earn you one participation point.


We’ll use a free videoconferencing system called Webex. You can download Webex to your computer or phone, but you can also access the meeting through your browser with the meeting link. You can even join the meeting (just the audio) by calling a phone number.

  • Session 1: Wednesday, March 18 at 8am-10am
    • meeting link
    • meeting number: 952 278 365
    • meeting password: 6fgAVwUM6G7
  • Session 2: Wednesday, March 18 at 12pm-2pm
    • meeting link
    • meeting number: 952 278 365
    • meeting password: btNvpqph333
  • Session 3: Wednesday, March 18 at 2pm-4pm
    • meeting link
    • meeting number: 958 576 496
    • meeting password: DRa4QvNWv27
  • Phone number for all sessions (if you don’t have internet access): 1-650-215-5226

If Webex doesn’t work, we’ll use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. You can access the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra meetings using the links below or by logging into our regular Blackboard course and clicking on “Content.”


If Webex and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra don’t work, we’ll try Zoom. You can download the free Zoom app or join the meeting from your browser here: https://zoom.us/join or at the links below.

  • Session 2
    • Zoom link
    • Meeting ID: 484 960 705
    • Password: 053431
    • Phone: 484960705
  • Session 3
    • Zoom link
    • Meeting ID: 954 093 516
    • Password: 058142
    • Phone: 954093516

If you need to, you can send me an email with any private comments, questions, or concerns. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

(It’s gonna be me)


  1. Antonio Johnson

    Session 1

  2. Mamadou

    I will attend the second meeting

  3. Isaucedo

    Session 1

  4. Pablo

    Session 1

  5. Kate Poirier

    FYI Joanna’s dog Maximus is currently winning in the MAT 1575 Pet March Madness bracket!

  6. Pablo

    Session 2

  7. Pablo

    Session 3

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