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Webwork re-opened: new deadlines

As promised, all old Webwork sets have been reopened. Old sets are now due on May 17 at 11:59pm.

There are four sets that are still new; two of them are optional and two of them are required:

  1. (Optional) Riemann Sums Open, closes 05/17/2020 at 11:58pm EDT.
  2. Area Between Curves Open, closes 05/17/2020 at 11:58pm EDT.
  3. (Optional) Volumes Open, closes 05/17/2020 at 11:58pm EDT.
  4. Shells and Washers Open, closes 05/17/2020 at 11:58pm EDT.

Please note that they’re all due on the same day that the old sets are due, but they’re due at 11:58pm instead of 11:59pm. The difference is timing is just so that the four new sets appear at the top of your page.

If you don’t want to revisit your old Webwork sets, no worries. Just focus on the top 4 (or only the 2 that are required, if you don’t want to do the optional ones).

Webwork and Monday’s lesson

Here are my notes from and office hours: Note Mar 25, 2020

Here is the link to the video of the lecture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eu8257lh2hbt2aj/Lecture%2020200325.mp4?dl=0

Here is the link to the video of office hours: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57r5zjw2e1xnq7v/Office%20Hours%2020200325.mp4?dl=0

I’m not sure whether I actually succeeded in recording the session today (sometimes it takes Webex some time to make the videos available). I’ll post the video link here if and when it’s available.

As of right now, in-person classes at CityTech are still scheduled for Monday. Edit: we will not hold in-person classes next week; classes will officially move online next Thursday. More details will be posted when they are available but you can see the Chancellor’s message here. For now, assume that you will be learning the following material yourself, at least initially. More details will posted as soon as they are available. Stay healthy!

For Monday’s lesson, we’ll finish Section 3.7 Improper Integration and cover Section 6.3 Taylor and Maclaurin Polynomials. I’ll include some material here in case we end up needing it. Quiz #5 next Wednesday will cover improper integrals of type 1. Continue reading


Webwork – Partial Fractions is due tomorrow (Tuesday); Improper integrals is due Sunday (we’ve cover about half of the material so far)

Quiz #4 (this Wednesday) will cover Section 3.4 of the text

Test #1 Solutions are due on the OpenLab by next Monday

Test #2 is Monday, March 23 (two weeks from today) on topics in yellow on the schedule

Stay tuned for your Test #2 Review assignment instructions

Updates & reminders

  • Integration by Parts due tomorrow
  • Trigonometric Integrals due Sunday
  • Trigonometric Substitution due March 1
Class Schedule
  • No class this Wednesday
  • No class next Monday
Quiz #2
  • Quiz #2 will be given in class at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 19. It will cover material from Sessions 3, 4, and 5.
Trigonometric Substitution
  • After next Wednesday’s quiz, we’ll start the next topic: trigonometric substitution. You’ll want to make sure that you remember your trig identities and derivatives to prepare for this topic.
Test #1
  • Trigonometric substitution is the last topic that will appear on Test #1, which will be given in class on Monday, March 3. This might sound far away, but you’ll want to start preparing now. You won’t be told which integration technique to use, like you are in Webwork; you’ll have to decide on the best technique yourself (there may be more than one appropriate technique to choose for a given problem). Make sure to practice exercises where you are not told which technique to use. See the final exam review sheet and the end-of-chapter review exercises in the textbook.
Test #1 Review – OpenLab Assignment

Stay tuned for your next OpenLab assignment (spoiler: you’ll choose and solve one review question for Test #1 and post it to the OpenLab… details TBA).

Webwork “Ask for Help” & Tutoring Schedule

  1. A new Webwork feature has just been enabled. When you are logged in and looking at one of your questions, you’ll see a button at the bottom labelled “Ask for Help.” Clicking on this button will take you to an OpenLab page which is a question-answer forum for that question specifically (each student has the same template for each question; the numbers may be different but the procedures for answering the questions will be almost the same). If there’s a Webwork question that’s troubling you, please submit the details on the “Ask for Help” page and/or scroll down to check if your question has been submitted previously by someone else. You’ll get participation credit for asking your own question or answering someone else’s on this page.
  2. Tutoring is available in different places around campus. The schedule for the Atrium Learning Center is available here: PERKINS MATH TUTOR SCHEDULE FOR SPRING 2020. You’ll get participation credit for attending tutoring; ask the tutor for a verification slip and give it to me.

The Webwork set “Substitution Method” is due next Sunday night. Many of the exercises are similar to the example we saw in class today. We’ll see another example or two after Thursday’s quiz, before we start the next section: Integration by Parts.

Upcoming Webwork

The following sets are due next Tuesday at 11:59pm:

  • Definite Integrals
  • FTC Part I
  • FTC Part II

Remember to use the definition of a definite integral from today’s class and not the one from the text (which uses a section of the text we haven’t covered yet).

Remember that the text and Webwork disagree about which is the first and which is the second fundamental theorem. We used the text’s ordering in today’s class.

The exercises in the FTC Part I set are straightforward applications of the (second) fundamental theorem. We’ll look at an example in class on Monday, but you should get started on this set before then.

Most of the exercises in the FTC Part II set are straightforward applications of the (first) fundamental theorem and similar to the example from today’s class. On Monday, we’ll look at a less straightforward example (like problem #10) in class, so you should make sure you’re familiar with the straightforward ones at the beginning of the set.

Welcome, homework, and quiz

Welcome to your MAT 1575 OpenLab site! All course information is posted here. Please take a look around.

OpenLab Homework #1

Your first assignment is to add yourself to our OpenLab course and to submit a post according to the instructions below. Your post is due by 8 am on Monday, February 3. Your post will count toward your participation grade.

  1. Sign up for an OpenLab account using your CityTech email address.
  2. After you’ve logged in, add yourself to our MAT 1575 class.

Submit your post:

  1. From the class OpenLab site you can create a new post by clicking the symbol that looks like a + sign inside a circle at the top of the screen.
  2. Title your post “Introducing [your first name] [your last name].” (You may use just initials if you like, as long as there’s enough information for me to locate you on my official roster.)
  3. From the categories on the right-hand side of the screen, make sure to select “Introduce yourself” so that the rest of us can locate your post later.
  4. Tell us anything you’d like us to know about you! Write one paragraph with at least five sentences. Some suggestions are…
    • Your pronouns (examples: she/her/hers or he/him/his or they/them/theirs)
    • Your major
    • How you became interested in your major
    • Which math classes you’ll take after MAT 1575 (if you don’t know, you can check your program requirements in the college catalog here)
    • What you hope to do after you graduate from CityTech; short-term goals, long-term goals, whatever…
    • Other interests/hobbies you have
    • Something you’re good at
    • Something you’re proud of
    • A time when you overcame something difficult
    • Your favorite book
    • Your favorite animal
  5. Read and comment on at least one your classmates’ posts. (Note: the administrator will have to approve your comments, so don’t worry if they don’t appear right away.)
  6. If you have anything private that you’d like to share with me but not with the whole class (for example, if you are to receive a testing accommodation through Student Support Services), please email me directly.

Webwork #1:

Your first Webwork assignment consists of two short sets. Answers are due by Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 11:59pm

  • Review-ChainRule
  • Review-PowerRule
  • Review-ProductRule
  • Review-QuotientRule
  • Antiderivatives

To log into Webwork, follow this link.

  • Your username is your first initial +  your last name. For example, if your name is Barack Obama, your login name is bobama. (If your last name has a space or a hyphen, delete it.) All letters are lower case. Both username and password are case sensitive.
  • Your password is your CUNY EMPLID number.
  • If you can’t log in, let me know after class.

Click on the homework set’s name to view the problems. Click on individual problems and enter your answer. After you have entered an answer, the system will tell you if it is correct. Make sure you have entered all your answers before the deadline. There is nothing else for you to do after that.

Here are some tips: WeBWorK Guide for Students.

Quiz #1

Your first quiz will be given at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 5. It will be based on material/exercises from Sessions 1 and  2. More details will be announced in class.