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Introducing Kevin Becerril

My name is Kevin becerril. I am currently majoring in civil engineering. I chose civil engineering once I got into construction & realized it was my passion. This is my last math course that I need for my major and I am looking forward to achieving a good grade. My favorite animal are dogs.

Introducing Anik Islam


my name is Anik Islam. This is my third year in City Tech, and my major is Mechanical Engineering.  I became interested in my major because I took classes in high school related to my major and I ended up liking them. The next math course I will be taking after MAT 1575 is Differential Equations. I am still unsure what I will be doing after I get my Bachelors Degree, hopefully I will figure that our before I graduate.

Introducing Antonios Vandoulakis

Hi Everyone, My name is Antonios, but people usually call me Tony, i am currently studying mechanical Engineering, its  my 3rd year in city tech , i don’t really enjoy taking math classes, but its something you have to do in my major so i have to do it, and i always try to do my best.  one of my hobbies are cars, i love working on cars and bringing my car to car shows and car meets. i hope this semester goes very well for all of us.

Introducing Sheriff Safie

Hi everyone, my name is Sheriff Safie. I am in my 3rd year at City Tech while studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. I recently completed my Associates and I’m currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree. After graduating college, I wish to become an Automotive Engineer and work to design cars. I chose this major because I was interested in cars from a young age and it is a subject that I am comfortable and enjoy studying. I am happy to be a part of this class and I hope to have a great semester with everyone.

Introducing Garvin Bonhomme

Hi my name is Garvin Bonhomme born and raised in Brooklyn. I’m majoring in engineering both electrical mechanical and computer. I chose the engineering field because I like to build, make and fix things. I love sports my 3 favorite are basketball, football, and my least is soccer but I still got a little love for it. Hoping to have a great semester

Hi, my name is Peter Vandoulakis, this is my third year at City tech and i am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The reason why i chose this major is my passion and love for cars. After i graduate i hope to open my own garage with my friends. Something I’m good at is that I’m very hands on with everything. I’m not really a fan of doing math but if i need to do it i will.

Introducing Antonio Johnson

Hello class! My name is Antonio, and I’m a sophomore here at city tech. I’m majoring in Applied Chemistry so this class is mandatory for me to take. I never considered myself to be strong at math, but I study hard and work to comprehension. My hobbies include watching sports, and playing video games. My role model is Kobe Bryant, and I try to adopt his mamba mentality and everything that I do.

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