As promised, your final exam will follow a structure similar to the one we’ve been using for term tests since our class moved online.

WeBWorK component

Your final exam will be given over WeBWorK; the 2-hour test will be open from 12:00am on Tuesday, May 19 until 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 20. If you take a version of the exam on Tuesday, you’ll be able to take another version of it 24 hours later on Wednesday.

The WeBWorK part of the exam will NOT be given in our usual WeBWorK account. You should have already received an email from “WeBWorK Administrator” with the new link that’s just for exams, along with your login information. You should log in now so you don’t have a last-minute emergency, and so you can start taking practice exams (one practice exam every 24 hours).

Written work

You will have 30 minutes after your 2-hour WeBWorK timer ends to submit your written work (I will give you the link). Late submissions will incur a penalty: 10 points off the final exam score for every 30 minutes late.

Oral interview

Your WeBWorK score will not count toward your final exam grade and will only be used to determine which of your two written submissions will be graded. Your exam score will be calculate as:

  • 2/3 written work + 1/3 oral interview.

A sign-up sheet for oral interviews will be posted soon. We’ll try to get them done as quickly as possible after the 20th.

Other details

I’ll share other exam details and create an exam checklist shortly. For now, please read the student memo linked below and let me know if you have any questions. CityTech Math Final Exams – Student Memo