I hope that those of you who were able to are feeling more settled after CUNY’s recalibration week. Our class meets as usual next Monday as well as on Tuesday (which follows a Wednesday schedule). Spring break is technically next Wednesday to Friday and after that, we’ll resume classes on Monday, April 13. Hopefully after that, we won’t have more disruptions to our schedule.

Due dates

Just a reminder, the following are all due Sunday night:


The Atrium Learning Center’s online tutoring program will start on Monday. You can schedule a 30-minute one-on-one appointment with your favorite tutor.  I strongly encourage you to make an appointment as soon as you can (Monday after class would be perfect, if there are available appointments, since you have a test on Tuesday); having a tutor’s undivided attention for 30 minutes is hard to beat. Here are the instructions.

You can also drop in to the Math Department’s tutoring on Zoom without an appointment.

Test #2

Test #2 still covers the yellow topics on the schedule (which still needs to be updated). Just like your Practice Quiz and Quiz #5, there is a Webwork component and and a written work/email component. The instructions are similar.

Webwork component: Test #2 will be available from 8:00am on Tuesday, April 7 to 9:40am on Wednesday, April 8. Once you start the test, you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete it (even if you log out and back in again) so make sure you find a quiet spot where you won’t be bothered. Webwork will cut you off at 9:40am on Wednesday, so make sure you start by 8:00am on Wednesday at the latest.

You do not have to log into our Webex meeting to take the test, but I will be available on Webex at the usual meeting link on Tuesday from 8:00am to 9:40am, so you can log in if you want to ask me a question (one person at a time). I will not be available after that, so I suggest you start your test when it open on Tuesday at 8:00am if you can.

Once you’ve logged into Webwork, scroll to Test 2 (it will say take Test 2 test). All of the questions will appear on one screen. You will submit all your answer for all test questions all at once (compared to usual Webwork sets where you submit your answers one question at a time). You will have only two chances to submit your test.

Written/email component: As usual, your written work is what really matters. After you finish the Webwork component, you will have 10 minutes to email me your written work at kpoirier@citytech.cuny.edu. Use the email subject line “MAT 1575 Test #2” so I can locate it later.

  • You may write your test on a iPad/tablet if you have one.
    1. Please send me your written work as one PDF document.
    2. Answer the questions in order.
    3. Label each question by its number clearly.
    4. Write your name at the top of each page.
  • You may write your solutions on paper.
    1. Please write each solution on a separate piece of paper.
    2. Label each question by its number clearly.
    3. Write your name at the top of each page.
    4. Take a photo of each page. Make sure the photo is clear and not blurry.
    5. Preferred version: If you have access to a scanner, scan your work and arrange it into one PDF document so that the questions are in order before you send it to me.
      • If you have an iPhone or an iPad, your phone camera works as a scanner. Here are some instructions.
      • You might have another way of creating a single PDF document to send to me.
    6. If you do not have access to a scanner, iPhone or iPad, and you don’t have another way to turn your work into a single PDF, you can attach individual photos to your email to me.
      • Sometimes there is a limit to the number of photos you can attach to an email (if they are very large). If you need to, send me two separate emails with subject lines MAT 1575 Test #2 Questions 1-5 and MAT 1575 Test #2 Questions 6-10.

After you send your solutions to me, double-check make sure the email appears in your sent folder and that your email hasn’t been bounced back to you for some reason.

Academic integrity: This is an open-book test. Your work must be your own. This means that you can use your own notes or the online textbook, but you may not work with your classmates or with anyone else, and you may not use any automated problem solvers or websites. You need to be prepared to defend your work orally in case I ask you to (I plan to do this randomly throughout the semester).

While I know most of you have been working hard, we have already had some instances of academic dishonesty in this class, which has been incredibly disappointing. It will obviously be harder for me to supervise you on this test, so I must ask you to be fair to your classmates who are following the rules. Anyone found in violation of the rules will be reported to the college’s Academic Integrity Committee.

Practice Test and group discussion

You may take a practice test before Test #2. Completing the Webwork and written/email component will earn one participation point, whether your answers are correct or not. This is a good time to practice arranging your work into a single PDF document.

Just like for the real test, you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to finish the Webwork component. Scroll to Take Practice Test test (it might be near the bottom of your screen). Email me your written work within 10 minutes of finishing the practice test.

You have until Tuesday at 7:50am to complete the practice test.

Group discussion: I recommend you and your study group agree to take the practice test at the same time, if you can. Then you can all talk about it after to see what you were all able to answer and what you weren’t able to answer.

Here are some recommended times (but you and your group members can settle on a different time):

  1. Sunday 6:00pm to 7:40pm
  2. Monday 10:00am to 11:40am (unless you want to stop by my office hours on Webex)
  3. Monday 600pm to 7:40pm