Fall 2018 | Professor Kate Poirier

Introducing…….. Joanna Rios!!

Hey guys! My name is Joanna I’m 23 and I’m in my junior year here at city tech as an applied chemistry major. So after i finish my undergrad here i plan on going to pharmacy school… MAYBE i really have no clue to tell you the truth. One thing about me is that i am a dog mom to a 4 year handsome american pocket bully named Maximus Charming. He is the absolute light of my life. All the hard work I’m putting in right now is to give him a better life. ( I have pictures of him that i don’t mind sharing at anytime LOL!! )


  1. Taraeah Hill

    Your an applied chemistry major as well! Also, I would love to see pictures of your dog, I love animals.

  2. Jennifer Leong

    I love doggos! Maximus Charming is such a cute name, would loveee to see some pics

  3. Czar

    I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of Maximus Charming, also where did you get that name though, it is so cute.

  4. Panagiotis

    Hey Joanna, i would love to see some pictures of Maximus, i also have a 2 year old pitbull named Knox, i love dogs

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