More reminders, etc

(1) You can earn participation credit by uploading your (perfect) solution to any of this semester’s in-class test questions and posting on the OpenLab. You can also earn credit for catching anyone’s mistakes; just add a comment to the post.

(2) Tuesday’s class is technically a “review” class, but I will not plan anything myself. It is entirely up to you how you want to use our class time. We’ll have the iPads again, so you can finish up any leftover WebWork that you need help with. I suggest that you prepare as though the exam is on Tuesday so that you can come ready with specific questions.

(3) All WebWork sets are due Wednesday night. Try to finish them well ahead of time.

(4) Do your best to get a good night’s sleep on Wednesday night! It’d suck if you prepared well but weren’t able to perform on the exam because you were too burnt out.

(5) Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for the final exam on Thursday. That’d be the worst day to arrive late because of a subway delay!

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(1) This week’s quiz (the last one!) will cover volumes.

(2) All WebWork sets are due next Wednesday night, May 20 (the night before the final exam).

(3) The final exam will be held in class on Thursday, May 21 (only 9 more days!).

(4) I will probably be on campus this Thursday until around 4pm, so I can hold extra office hours (though I might be in and out of my office between 1pm and 4pm).

(5) Next Tuesday’s class will technically be a “review” session. However, I won’t prepare anything; we can discuss whatever issues come up during your weekend exam preparation.

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Scholarship opportunity

I just found out about an exciting scholarship opportunity that some of you might be interested in. It’s open to students in Applied Math, Computer Science,Ā Biomedical Informatics, andĀ Chemical Technology.

Info here:Ā NSF Scholarship Flyer-final

There’s another information session tomorrow (Thursday in Namm 403 from 4-5pm).

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(1) This week’s quiz will cover integration by the method of partial fractions.

(2) WebWork Improper Integrals is due on Monday, May 4. It’s another long set, but we’ve seen examples of each type in class. Take a look at the set before Thursday’s class; if there are any issues we can discuss them then.

(3) Test #3 will be given in class next Tuesday, May 5. It will cover everything since trigonometric integrals as well as (probably) Taylor series. Take a look at the schedule for the complete list of topics.

(4) There are some posters on campus advertising tutoring for math. I’ll attach some photos I took of them so you can see the schedule. I particularly recommend the tutoring in M308, which has a more limited schedule.

photo 4 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

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(1) Quiz #8 this Thursday will be on trigonometric substitution.

(2) WebWork Partial Fractions is due next Monday, April 27. It’s a long set, and some of the questions will take you a while, so make sure you leave enough time to complete it. While it’s long, it’s very repetitive, so hopefully after completing it, you’ll be experts!

(3) Test #3 has been moved to Tuesday, May 5. It will cover everything since the last test, plus Taylor series (probably). More details will be announced in class.

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Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a good break! Here are some reminders for you.

(1) Test #2 grades were posted in Blackboard last weekend, so hopefully you’ve had a chance to take a look. There are also new items called “WebWork average,” “Quiz average,” and “MidĀ semesterĀ grade.” Your WebWork and quiz averages are the averages of those itemsĀ up until this point in the semesters. Your midĀ semesterĀ grade is not submitted to the college in any official capacity (until the end of the semester, with your final grade) and is for your information only. You can calculate your own mid semester grade: each of your first two tests is worth 1/3 and quiz and WebWork averages are each worth 1/6 of your mid semester grade. That grade as a percent has been converted to a letter grade using the scale from the course information document shown in class on the first day, and posted in the Open Lab. Keep in mind that final grades are usually pretty close to mid semester grades.

(2) The deadline to withdraw from the course officially is this Thursday, April 16.

(3) WebWork Trigonometric Integrals is due tonight (Monday, April 13). The next set Trigonometric Substitution is due next Monday, April 20.

(4) Quiz #7 will be given in class on Thursday as usual. It will be on trigonometric integrals.

(5) I will be available tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, if anyone wants to make an appointment to discuss their performance in the class.

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A note about test grades

Many of you earned grades on test #1 that you’re probably not that happy with. When I returned your tests in class, I mentioned that these grades tend to be pretty good predictors of final exam grades. What this means is, if I had to guess your overall course grade now, many of you would be stuck with an F. While your lowest test grade does not count toward your overall grade, it tends to be really hard to pull yourself out of such a deep hole.

The deadline to withdraw from the class is Thursday, April 16 (the week after spring break). The point of the timing of test #2 is to give me a chance to grade and return it before the drop date. For many of you, your decision whether to remain in the course, or to withdraw from it, will probably be based on your performance on test #2. If I were you, I would spend the whole weekend and next week practicing as many exercises as I could. I would do the same ones over and over again until I was confident that I could do them in my sleep. You should consider test #2 a test of whether you actually understand the material, not a test of whether you prepared enough.

It might not feel like it, but for many of you this is your last chance to pull yourself out of that hole. If you wait to fix this problem, it will be too late.

(I know old people always scold young people about this kind of stuff, and I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged. I’ve just seen too many capable students suffer at the end of the semester because they waited too long to care about their performance in the course. Right now, you still have a chance to do something so I hope you give it your very best shot.)

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(1) WebWork Substitution Method and Further Transcendental Functions are both due on Monday. Area between Curves and Integration by Parts are due Wednesday. Make sure you take a look at the Integration by Parts set before Tuesday’s class so we can discuss any issues that come up.

(2) Tuesday’s class will cover 7.2 Trigonometric Integrals. The corresponding WebWork set isn’t due until April 13 but those questions are really integration by parts questions, so they’re also fair game on Thursday’s test. Try them out now if you can.

(3) Test #2 will be given in class next Thursday, April 2. Everything since test #1 plus section 10.7 Taylor Series will be covered on test #2. You can take a look at the schedule page on this site to see day-by-day what we covered.

(4) Homework teams will no longer be assigned. Anyone can share a homework problem on the board before class (except on days when a test is scheduled). This counts toward your participation grade for the class.

(5) After your test #2 is graded, I’ll be sharing your “mid semester grades” with you. These will be rough approximations of how you’re doing in the class and are for your information only. You can do the rough calculations yourself as well using your test grades, quiz grades, and WebWork grades.

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(1) WebWork FTC I and FTC II are due tomorrow (Tuesday). Next Monday, the WebWork sets corresponding to topics covered today, Integration by Substitution and Further Transcendental functions, are due.

(2) This Thursday’s quiz will cover sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and/or 5.4.

(3) Thursday’s homework teams are as follows. Please choose a solution from 5.4, 5.6, or 5.7to share (5.6 might be the most helpful).

8am: Nora, Han, Ping, Michael

10am: Junxian, Jia Peng, Tony, Yongcheng

(4) Next week is the week before spring break; test #2 will be given in class next Thursday, April 2.


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(1) WebWork Riemann Sums is due Monday. The Fundamental Theorems of Calculus sets FTC Part I and FTC Part II are due next Wednesday. They’re quite long but mostly repetitive, so take a look at them as soon as you can. We’ll finish off that last example from FTC II first thing on Tuesday.

(2) Quiz #6 next Thursday will cover definite integrals (5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4).

(3) Test #2 is coming up! Thursday, April 2 is the last class before spring break and it’s two weeks from today. The drop date is the Thursday after spring break, so you’ll have your test #2 grade to help you decide to remain in the class.

(4) The homework teams for next Tuesday are:

8am: Jonathan, Alisha, Diego, and Sharmin

10am: Marcel, Dennis, Styve, and Briken.

Please choose an exercise from 5.3 or 5.4 to share.

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