(1) This week’s quiz will cover integration by the method of partial fractions.

(2) WebWork Improper Integrals is due on Monday, May 4. It’s another long set, but we’ve seen examples of each type in class. Take a look at the set before Thursday’s class; if there are any issues we can discuss them then.

(3) Test #3 will be given in class next Tuesday, May 5. It will cover everything since trigonometric integrals as well as (probably) Taylor series. Take a look at the schedule for the complete list of topics.

(4) There are some posters on campus advertising tutoring for math. I’ll attach some photos I took of them so you can see the schedule. I particularly recommend the tutoring in M308, which has a more limited schedule.

photo 4 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

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