(1) WebWork Substitution Method and Further Transcendental Functions are both due on Monday. Area between Curves and Integration by Parts are due Wednesday. Make sure you take a look at the Integration by Parts set before Tuesday’s class so we can discuss any issues that come up.

(2) Tuesday’s class will cover 7.2 Trigonometric Integrals. The corresponding WebWork set isn’t due until April 13 but those questions are really integration by parts questions, so they’re also fair game on Thursday’s test. Try them out now if you can.

(3) Test #2 will be given in class next Thursday, April 2. Everything since test #1 plus section 10.7 Taylor Series will be covered on test #2. You can take a look at the schedule page on this site to see day-by-day what we covered.

(4) Homework teams will no longer be assigned. Anyone can share a homework problem on the board before class (except on days when a test is scheduled). This counts toward your participation grade for the class.

(5) After your test #2 is graded, I’ll be sharing your “mid semester grades” with you. These will be rough approximations of how you’re doing in the class and are for your information only. You can do the rough calculations yourself as well using your test grades, quiz grades, and WebWork grades.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Professor,

    Will area between curves be on exam 2?

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