More reminders, etc

(1) You can earn participation credit by uploading your (perfect) solution to any of this semester’s in-class test questions and posting on the OpenLab. You can also earn credit for catching anyone’s mistakes; just add a comment to the post.

(2) Tuesday’s class is technically a “review” class, but I will not plan anything myself. It is entirely up to you how you want to use our class time. We’ll have the iPads again, so you can finish up any leftover WebWork that you need help with. I suggest that you prepare as though the exam is on Tuesday so that you can come ready with specific questions.

(3) All WebWork sets are due Wednesday night. Try to finish them well ahead of time.

(4) Do your best to get a good night’s sleep on Wednesday night! It’d suck if you prepared well but weren’t able to perform on the exam because you were too burnt out.

(5) Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for the final exam on Thursday. That’d be the worst day to arrive late because of a subway delay!

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