Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a good break! Here are some reminders for you.

(1) Test #2 grades were posted in Blackboard last weekend, so hopefully you’ve had a chance to take a look. There are also new items called “WebWork average,” “Quiz average,” and “Mid semester grade.” Your WebWork and quiz averages are the averages of those items up until this point in the semesters. Your mid semester grade is not submitted to the college in any official capacity (until the end of the semester, with your final grade) and is for your information only. You can calculate your own mid semester grade: each of your first two tests is worth 1/3 and quiz and WebWork averages are each worth 1/6 of your mid semester grade. That grade as a percent has been converted to a letter grade using the scale from the course information document shown in class on the first day, and posted in the Open Lab. Keep in mind that final grades are usually pretty close to mid semester grades.

(2) The deadline to withdraw from the course officially is this Thursday, April 16.

(3) WebWork Trigonometric Integrals is due tonight (Monday, April 13). The next set Trigonometric Substitution is due next Monday, April 20.

(4) Quiz #7 will be given in class on Thursday as usual. It will be on trigonometric integrals.

(5) I will be available tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, if anyone wants to make an appointment to discuss their performance in the class.

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