Tutoring Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Atrium Learning Center Room AG-25

The Atrium Learning Center offers tutoring specifically for MAT 1275 students. I recommend you get in the habit of attending tutoring regularly now, even if you’re not struggling with the material yet; it can really help keep you on top of things so that you’re in better shape if and when the material becomes more challenging. Ask your tutor for a verification slip; hand it in to me for participation credit.

On Thursdays, there is no class in M305 right after our class. Yesterday a few students stuck around after class and I held my office hours there.  This seems like it’ll be a good system on Thursdays, so I’ll plan to continue holding office hours there (unofficially) if students stay after class. It might help you to stay even if you don’t have specific questions of your own, so I encourage you to do so. I’ll continue to hold Tuesday office hours from 12-1 in my office N707. If you can’t make it at these times, you can also set up an appointment with me.