Grades for Test #2 have been added to Blackboard’s gradebook. Your tests (as well as quizzes #5 and #6) will be returned in class on Tuesday.

A few other grades have been added to Blackboard’s gradebook as well:

  • Midterm Quiz Average
  • Midterm Webwork Average
  • Midterm Participation
  • Midterm Grade

These grades are just to give you a sense of how you are doing in the course up until this point. The participation grade is simply a rough estimate based on your participation in class an in office hours. Your midterm grade appears both as a percent grade and as a code; the code is reported to the college:

  • P = passing/satisfactory
  • U = not passing/unsatisfactory
  • BL = borderline/close to 60%

Midterm grades and end-of-semester grades are usually pretty close. If your midterm grade is lower than the grade you want in this course, we can discuss what you might need to do to improve it. There are a handful of quizzes and Webwork sets remaining, though the third in-class test and final exam count for more of your grade. Remember, you can always check the grading scheme here.

The last day to withdraw from the course is this Friday, November 10.