MAT1275 College Algebra and Trigonometry

Fall 2017 | Professor Kate Poirier

Boost your participation grade

Some of you have participated in class consistently throughout the semester by sharing solutions on the board in class. Your participation grade reflects this and you should ignore this post. Some of you probably want to boost your participation grade. Here are three ways you can do that in the next week:

  1. Head to tutoring. Ask the tutor for a verification slip then bring this slip to me by Tuesday, December 19. I hear that the tutors at the Atrium Learning Center are not very busy on Fridays so that would be a great time to pay them a visit.  Tutoring Schedule
  2. Complete one problem from one of your three in-class tests from this semester and share your solution as a post here on the OpenLab. Title your exam “Final exam review” and include the the test number and problem number as well as your name. Select the category “Final exam review” from the right side of the screen before publishing your post. If you don’t want to type your solution, you can upload a photo of hand-written work. If you catch an error with someone else’s post, you will receive credit for correcting it in a comment. At most two problems per person. Posts are due before the final exam on Tuesday, December 19.
  3. Attend my office hours Tuesday/Thursday 10am-11am N707.

The idea with the final exam review assignment is that your collection of solutions can help the rest of the class to prepare for the final exam.

Webwork update

There are four more Webwork sets to complete this semester. All four are due Monday night at 11:59pm.

  • LogarithmicProperties
  • CompoundInterest
  • ExponentialEquations
  • ExponentialEquations-Calc

All old Webwork sets have been reopened; if you would like to continue to work on them to improve your Webwork grade, you have until Tuesday morning at 12:00am (this is really Monday night, one minute after the four sets above are due).



  • TrigEquations due Monday
  • LawOfSines & LawOfCosines due Wednesday

Test #3 will be given in class next Thursday, December 7. It will cover all of the trigonometry topics from session 18-25

Here‘s a link to the trigonometric equations worksheet from today’s class.


  • Next Tuesday follows a Friday schedule, so I won’t see you then.
  • Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I won’t see you then.
  • Webwork GraphingSineCosine due 11/27
  • The next time I see you is 11/28
  • Your next quiz will be on 11/30 on sections 4.1/4.2/1.4/5.1 (probably 4.1/4.2)
  • We’re about half-way through sections 1.4/5.1 (Trigonometric Identites). There is no Webwork set associated with this lesson. We’ll go over a few examples after the break but you can get a jump by looking at the homework from the text and #10 on the final exam review sheet.
  • Today was session 23. The final exam is session 30 (December 19). Now is a good time to start reviewing material that has already been covered to prepare for the final exam. There’ll be less time after the break and before the final exam than you might think!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
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