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Introducing Ronaldo Cupidore

Good Afternoon Everyone,

My major is Accounting but may change to finance depending on the course of the next 2 years. I will be transferring back to Baruch College either next semester or next year to continue my plan of landing an internship at one of the Big 4 financial companies which will ultimately solidify me a job there. I wish everyone a successful semester filled with much joy and accomplishments!!!

Introducing Edwin Ramli

My major is Civil Engineering and I don’t have much interest in my major. I chose this major as an available detour towards achieving my main goal of becoming a pilot. Yes, totally irrelevant to what I actually want to be in the near future but times were tough.

Introducing Lihong Chen

Hi, everyone

My major is Computer System Technology, I am interested in coding. I want to stay on a specific field, so I choose to code. I will try to find a job related to my major after I graduate from CityTech, start gain working experience, then become more professional. I hope to become a logical person by learning this course. My hobby is my favorite sports Taekwondo.

Introducing Angellica Malcolm

Hi my name is Angellica and the field I am interested in is nursing. I became interested in my major because I enjoyed helping people since I was a child. I hope to learn more different ways to solve mathematical problems. My interests are watching track and field on my free time and learning to bake new things.

Introducing Juan Batista

Hi, my name is Juan Batista. My major is computer science, I chose this major because I’ve  been interested in technology since i first knew about it. After i graduate from computer science, I’m planning on getting a master degree in ethical hacking. i hope i would improve my math knowledge by the end of this course.

Introducing YongdaChen

My major is Computer System information, I choose it because I found up by time passing people need more computer than before and I can do that kinds of job to learning it to help building more better society. In this semaster, I hope my self could learning more about computer information after I graduate and able to have job base on this. And I also hope to get out of this course by knowing more than I expect to learning, and I want to feel that I understand everything that teacher expect me to learn. One of my hobbies is playing skateboard on the park, when I go out to park, in most time, I bring my skateboard to the park.

Webwork due – Monday, September 4

Log into Webwork using this link.

Your username is your first initial followed by your last name (one word, all lower case). Your password is the same. Change your password after you log in for the first time.

The first four problem sets are due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 4. They are:

  1. IntegerExponents
  2. ReducingRationalExpressions
  3. AddRationalExpressions
  4.  AddRationalExpressions2

After you have entered an answer, the system will tell you if it is correct. Make sure you have entered all your answers before the deadline. There is nothing else for you to do after that.

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