Dealing with having the deck being installed in the Vorhees Theatre, I realized that there were a few things to consider in me and my teams’ planning.

There were a few constraints that we had to take into account:

  • Time
  • Crew Availability
  • Having a logo built to spec (8’x8′ max.)

With this in mind, I took away a few things from this project. Time constraint is almost always an issue. There are times where a deck must have a paint surface, which means that extra time must be allotted for painting. Things must be flame proofed, so time again, must be allotted. We had the limit of 12 people for our crew and with limited availability only having tech production class hours for time to work with some additional work calls to finish everything in time.

Attached is my work for problem 2, the construction calendar

Tech Production Problem #2