This problem definitely proved to be a challenge, but I see it as what normal technical directors have to deal with when they take up a job. There are a lot of things me and my group had to consider when planning the project:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Sturdiness of set
  • Track for sliding flats
  • “Seamless” seams
  • Load in time
  • Set construction
  • Crew Availability
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Estimating load in, crew size

What I took away from this problem is that teamwork and meetings, as well as an efficient way to communicate our ideas with each other, really worked to get everything we needed to get done in time. We made changes along the way after testing and prototyping. We as a team were able to complete the assignment and also stay within our set budget. I also realized that taking the time to continuously look over my work, I can catch any mistakes or any things I may have left out, which can help me have a more refined end product.

Altogether, we worked on prototyping a tree made from chicken wire, and covered with paper on one half and “Great Stuff” (a foaming sealant) to test the theory that the tree can be built, as opposed to being bought, or even rented. We also built another prototype for the sliding flat. We also wanted to test the theory that we can build the track rather than buying it.