Group Members: Sharon, Andrew

Problem Name: PB&J Sandwich

Defining the Problem: As a project management team at Hudson Sandwich Studios, we have a contract to provide a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for PBJ-2K. The materials used to make the sandwich must be incredibly fresh. We must also be able to provide clear and concise intructions that the local crew at the venue can assemble on site. (In this case, another team in our class will be reading our instructions to assemble the sandwich)

What Do You Know?:

  • Must be peanut butter & strawberry jelly (Not preservatives)
  • Incredibly fresh ingredients
  • Provide construction documents
  • Size constraint – must be able to fit all documents and materials in a 9″x9″x9″ truck – 6″ diameter plate
  • Time constraint – Due 2/11/16
  • Budget – $20
  • All ingredients must be edible
  • 6″ diameter plate

What Do You Need to Know?:

  • Our method of transport packaging
  • What type of peanut butter
  • Type of Jelly
  • Our source of materials
  • How to prepare our instructions to be clear and concise
  • Dimensions of sandwich
  • Contingency for failure
  • Plastic or glass jars

Plan Of Action:

  1. Research the project needs
  2. Determine materials
  3. Budget materials


    This  problem was a bit challenging due to the fact that me and my team needed to come up with instructions that almost anyone should be able to read and do. We used plenty of packaging to make sure that the sandwich and all the ingredients were not harmed during shipping.

What I took away from this problem is that as a technical director, I should be able to present my ideas as clearly as possible so that someone on the other end, viewing my work, could read and understand all that I request. This can help me to work on my skills with conveying my message in my documents so that there are less questions to be asked.