The idea of problem three was to have a set with two curved flats, masking flats, and a door unit that would have to withstand being slammed. There were few things to consider:

  • Curved flat construction
  • Custom designed moulding
  • Moulding for curved flats
  • Time constraints
  • Budget
  • Crew availability
  • Door unit construction
  • L-Jack placement

I managed to find some time to do some prototyping. I cut some sample pieces of different materials that would be options for paint surfaces on flats.

Paint Surface Tests

What I took away from this project was the considerable mind to pay attention to how long a project will take. Finding moulding that can bend to a certain radius was not that easy to find. However, it can be custom ordered. The door unit needed to have ample support from jacks with the jack being out of sight lines. Adding even a contingency for time can save the team.