Wall-Mount Rack Install

The purpose of my culmination project this semester is to replace a rolling road case that houses all components that control the animatronics in O’ Skully’s Wharf for Gravesend Inn: Haunted Hotel. The replacement will be a wall mounted rack with a pivoting door for access to the rear parts of the components in them.


UPDATE 7/11/19

Attached below are pictures of the work done to complete this project over the summer with the help of John Huntington. Upon completion I learned more about the idiosyncrasies of the process to order and build a completed rack for a turn-key system such as this one. The process was long through CUNY’s purchasing department but nevertheless the project was still successful. There were only minor hiccups in the build, but nothing too drastic luckily enough. I personally took care of building the rack and re-terminating the cables that were purchased afterwards to replace the existing cables. I decided to create a color code chart to help make the process of building the animatronic cables with its up to 25 conductor build a little bit easier to follow. [Color Code]