My experience with dialogue writing was honestly easier than I thought. The reason I thought dialogue writing was going to be a bit challenging is because I assumed it was going to basically be more of a monolog between the writer and a character he creates or more or less himself. When we were told to pick out a text/chat and basically convert it to dialogue piece, it honestly made it so easier for us not because we could just copy and paste but also just gives us an idea of what can any dialogue be. As I skimmed through my chats both in social media and my number I realized that we engage in so much dialogue without even knowing it. I saw a recent interesting chat I had with one of my best friends and battle buddies who was too “sick” to show up to the 8 mile ruck march that was taking place in our Cadet corps training in City College. Even though the conversation was funny I added some extra texts from my end to make it a bit more interesting just so I don’t feel guilty that I didn’t work on it.