If I had to write this letter to a future student taking this creative writing class with Professor Penner, I would first say put all your assumptions outside the classroom on your first day. For this is not your average English class that’s full of assignments, assignments and assignments. This class focuses to intrigue you with a couple of astonishing works of literature then trigger your inner talent to start writing in a way that leaves your blueprint or what would some call “signature”. No seriously, you’re going to read a lot then write more but the writing is not dictated to a narrowed strict criteria basically you’re going to write what you enjoy and what you think readers would enjoy. Next thing is prepare to be critiqued and never take things to personal. Because you’re going to be reading works of others you’re going to be required to critique and get critiqued, and for that try to humble yourself and always revise your work until it appears to be efficient. Peer review and critiques are very helpful and would make you realize how your writing might affect readers and see if it’s going to impress others. One last thing I do care about as well is PARTICIPATE. Just because this is not a speech class doesn’t mean you stay in the classroom quite and isolated. I recommend you talk more to your professor and your peers to get to know them and ask them about their opinions about your work.