One thing for sure about myself is that I love to write, I feel like I have good penmanship so it makes me want to see my thoughts on paper. When I was a little younger I used to have a journal that I would write in everyday, I would used it to express my feelings and make up stories when I was bored. I took about two other writing courses throughout my years in college and this creative writing class was my favorite. I was able to express my thoughts, create stories out of my imagination, get feedback, and revise various of my work. As a writer I have learned there’s no such thing as “too much” details in a piece of writing, because as a reader those details do help give a visual or at least a better understanding on what is being spoken on. As a writer we know how our characters look and feel because its all in our head so as a writer I learned to elaborate on my thoughts and express them in a detailed way so that if I were someone else reading my work I would fully understand exactly what I was trying to write on. As a reader I learned that there are many different way you can put together a story. For example there was an assignment that we had to look at a picture and create a story out of it. Reading other students work that had the same picture as me was very intriguing.

When I first started this class the word seemed to be more based off of personal experiences, then throughout the course we started using our experiences and turning them into fiction pieces. For Short Story 2, we had the option to choose our POV picture and change the setting to create a short story, this was my favorite assignment. I enjoyed writing this piece of writing because that was one assignment that I feel I spent the most free time on instead of rushing it or being in a noisy background. I did struggle at first I knew I wanted to change the setting but I just didn’t know what to change it to and how to make a story out of it. Then I looked at the examples that the professor gave to us and that helped me narrow down where I wanted my setting to be and how I wanted my story to go. With the help of the picture it made it easier for me to open up my imagination.

Some notable lessons that have stuck with me is learning how to elaborate enough so the reader can have a better visual understanding. One thing that changed in my writing as the genres changed was the length of my work. Normally when I had to write piece relating to myself I tend to get straight to the point and keep it short and simple, but when I started using my imagination and using my personal experiences or pictures to make up stories, I had a lot more to write about. My early assumptions about my writing were that I had a hard time making things up or finding things to write about. I got a little more confident after this course with the feedback that I would get from my work and it helped me in my writing because I felt more confident on my thoughts.

In conclusion, I feel like I learned a lot from this course and I will be able to use these skills in any future writing course that I plan to take. The one thing I can say I struggled with is the fact that even though we met in person I still struggled with it being an online writing class. I am a writer, I feel like my thoughts flow better when I write them rather then typing them. I never really adapted I just always resulted in writing out my work first then typing it out after. The bad thing that came out of that was I tended to submit my assignments in late because I would forget to type it out sometimes. But on the bright side the fact that I still had to type it out was a way of revising my work.