If students were to ever come back to this class in the future, then they would have to be ready for writing many different topics based off from different genres. I would definitely give them one piece of advice it’s that you have to be ready to give up time to write on your own and brainstorm as much as you can. Another important thing students must adjust to is good thinking skills without good thinking skills they will have a hard time writing what they want. Writing is an extensive type of work where students would need to connect several things together to make it creative. Students need to put some of their time toward writing this way it helps them prepare for other bigger writing assignments. Another important piece of advice to always consider when writing big assignments is to write it out first then get as much feedback possible to write your best form. That’s what I did for about all my assignments and I got very good grades on them in the end. The last important thing all students must consider is deadlines for assignments. If you miss a deadline, it’s important to speak to your teacher and inform them ASAP to do it. Doing missing work is better than leaving it blank and getting a zero. Students sometimes miss on these opportunities and it hurts their grade a lot by many points. Free points on assignments shouldn’t be missed by any student regardless if failing or not they should complete it and get a good grade. Take care of every good opportunity which comes in our way in any sort of class not just English.