Future Students,

If you are reading this and thinking about taking this class, I will say please go for it and you will not regret choosing this class. And of course, congratulations if you are reading this and already enrolled for this class. This is my second course with professor Penner, and I loved being here. But sadly, she is not teaching any for new courses so I will not have her class next semester. Otherwise, I would definitely go for her class. I hope you understand why I am suggesting you this class with professor Penner. You will learn new things without worrying about anything else. If you have any problems just talk to her, she will help you or at least show you where you should go for help. You will write every week but there is nothing to worry about it because I am pretty sure you have little time in your day when you can spend sometime on the assignments. I wish you guys all the best and you will do very good in this course if you just keep up with her emails every week.