It’s time to end the class and time to write the final reflection again. I was in professor Penner class last semester as well. I remember writing the final reflection at that time as well. Now I am writing again. And this might be the last time I am writing in her class. I knew what to expect in this class and I spent the class exactly like that. I think we are all going to do well. Over the course I learned some new things. I wasn’t an expert in writing or not a person who likes to write a lot. But this class pushed me to write and helped me to understand my problems and how I can be better in it. I think I did well overall in this time we have this semester. If I can think of something to do better than I will say maybe when I was writing short stories I could do better. More imagination was in my head and I felt like that. But I wasn’t able to do my best. Maybe that’s something I would change.

Memoir was the first thing I did in this class. It was from personal experience, so it was something different. There was some emotional part of my life that I reflected on. Then reading stories was really good. Honestly, I liked reading the story. Then writing poems was something I definitely did for the first time. It was hard but I did it. But maybe I am not a person who is going to write poems in the future. Writing dialogue was fun and interesting. I like that. I realized if I think hard and push myself, I can write more than that and be creative in it. Also, we get to read each other’s writing which is also very good to learn new things without judging someone. In the end I will say I am going to miss this class. I hope everyone does well in the future.