In the beginning of this semester, I thought this class is going to be just like all other classes but later I found this class interesting. All the assignments given in this semester were so interesting. It felt like I am exploring myself and finding I can actually write and I have the ability to write. Throughout the semester, we went from writing simple summaries and memoirs to writing poems. I didn’t like reading at first because I couldn’t seem to focus when I tried. I found that part Interesting where we had to act as a critic. It made us act as a professional and ask a writer questions. I explored many  things through readings. Few things I learnt from this class is I can write if I focus and take constructive feedback and improve my writing. Everyone has a hidden talent, I think mine could be writing but I need to focus on it and start writing more and I need to be my own biggest critic. As we started this semester, it was going okay for me. it was slow at the beginning because i wasn’t really finding anything interesting but later when we started reading stories I stared finding it interesting it felt like shifting gears from bore to joy. I really like it. I didn’t really like writing story with dialogue assignment because we already wrote story 2 as a third person.  I don’t think there was any reason to write it with dialogues. Not any specific assignment but I think reading others people assignments was a nice idea. In the beginning of class we didn’t know anyone but later semester passed we read each other work which gave us a chance to know more about our classmates, what their life look like, and their perspectives and  what they think of things. Basically we are viewing the  world through their point of view when we are reading their stuff. The thing I learned from writing is that you often think you are short of words but looking for one word you find so many words to express your expressions  which makes writing more fancier and also catches the reader’s attention quickly.I like writing nonfiction. I really like to write about the world and how I see it from my point of view. Before this semester I wasn’t too sure about my writing because I hadn’t taken any writing classes before. As we stared doing assignments and doing writing  assignments which made me realize I can write good and also getting encouragement from professor helped me keep going. I think this is a part of human nature. When  we get appreciated,  we try to do things much more better and try to make the  next person as happy as we could. Yes I personally think my writing improved so much. I really like it when we have to revise our own assignments. It helped us to find our mistakes when we read it loud and notice if we are missing something or its just a thought that comes to mind and tell we can do better than that this. I enjoy this part a lot. To be honest all the peer reviews were okay they wasn’t as criticizing as I thought. None of the peer reviews were mean because if hey were it would let other person down. The good thing about the feedback it was mostly positive and it was encouraging. I don’t really like online stuff I prefer explaining all the stuff in the class which is much more clear and feel easy to ask questions. Personally, nothing really was challenging but sometimes finding a reading was a hard part or sometimes looking for assignments for hard part for me.