Chris and his friend Samin are at their senior year of high school and they been friends since their freshman year of high school. One day, during their lunch period, Chris brought up the question of “which history class did you like better?” to his friend Samin. His friend Samin answered “U.S history”. Chris looked all confused and shocked, he felt like as if he got betrayed or something. This is where they both had their first disagreements. It was just a minor disagreement, nothing serious. Chris preferred world history class over U.S history while for Samin it was the other way around. Chris seemed disappointed by the fact that Samin chose U.S over world history class. He brought up the point that world history was more interesting to learn about, while Samin argument was that the world history teacher gave them a lot of homework, that are not mentioned in class most of the time. Chris said to Samin, “U.S. history makes me fall asleep in class”. Then Samin said “At least we didn’t get quizzes every week for U.S. history like we did with world history”. Chris then brought up a point about how he didn’t like the U.S. history teacher’s teaching style. He said to Samin, “I didn’t like how Mrs. Becker used the textbook as a review for classwork and exams rather than writing it out on whiteboard so we can take notes.” For Samin it was not a problem at all, because he managed to get use to the teacher’s teaching style. Samin then said to Chris, “We didn’t had to memorize a lot for U.S. history as we had to for world history, remember that?” Chris sighed and said, “that is true but I still liked world history more than U.S.” At this point Samin didn’t want to drag on this argument any longer and they both came to a realization that it was just a matter of their opinion. So, Samin ended their argument with, “you know what, at the end of the day it is just our opinion.” Chris nodded his head in agreement and said, “you are absolutely right”.