(D, K, and A are sitting at the table of a dining hall)

D: (puts his burger on his plate, and wipes his hands with a napkin) I finally got around to creating a new version of my board game and would like to playtest it with others in the club later. My solo playtests took only 15 minutes. I feel like explaining the spaghetti-like rules would take far longer, if it is even possible.

K: (gulp) I’m fairly available 


A: (finishes sipping) Break starts next week for me, so I’m also available for testing

D: Cool. I am available this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 11 am to 7 pm. This Saturday, Saturday 1 pm?


A: I can probably push 1 pm, though would prefer about 1 hour later

Can you text me the rules as a text document?

Saturday 2 pm then? (A nods in agreement) 

D: I currently don’t have a rules document. I can attempt to make one tomorrow.

A I’m curious about how you remember the rules. Do you just have them memorized? And yes, try to create a document

D: I have my ideas of how the game should go, I have notes to myself, and I have the in-game tables, but yeah I’ll make a rulebook. 

K: I prefer 3pm


D: I’m okay with 3 pm (looks at A) 

A: sure (shrugs)