The last conversation

Me: Hey, I’m still meeting you tonight after your shift right?

Gabby: HEY! Yes meet me at my job at 9:) we have soo much to catch up on and I AM EXCITED TO SEE YOU!

Me: Okay, see you soon.

5 hours… Gabby cancels because of work

Gabby: I’m soo sorry girl I just got home and it’s 1 am. So what’s going on with you girl? How are you and Keith doing?

Keith is my boyfriend

Me: we’re great actually and i’m really happy. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I might as well get straight to the point

Gabby: About what? Everything okay? 

Me: well, no. I know you lied to me. I know you tried to get close to him and flirted with him when you knew me and Keith were talking 6 months ago. You knew that I really liked him but we both were to caught up in our own lives to commit to a relationship. You knew everything but still tried to get close to him and denied everytime I asked you if there was more. You said you would never do that to me but continued to lie behind my back. That’s against girl code point blank period. You don’t see me flirting or trying to get Kobe’s attention because you used to like him and you guys had a serious bond together.

Me: I was waiting for you to come clean and be honest with me but no. Keith told me what happened because he didn’t want to start our relationship with half truths and lies. I had to hear it from him instead of you. The shit you said to him was out of line and you said shit about me behind my back. What did I ever do to you to deserve this from you especially. You said I was your soul sister. Well honey, this isn’t how you treat a sister.

Gabby: I’m so sorry… I don’t know what to say. I should have been honest with you. I was in a bad place and he was being a good friend and I thought maybe that was why you fell for him. I was blinded by the attention that I disregarded how you would feel. I didn’t come forward and ask you about it because.. I don’t know… I was scared and ashamed

Me: I want to be straight up with you but i’m not going to fake a friendship with you when you clearly broke it. I wish you all the best and our friends are still your friends even if you and I don’t stay that way. Goodbye Gabby.

Gabby: goodbye Z..

2 hours later.. iMessage notification from Gabby

Gabby: I want to give you a proper apology but i knew i would start crying so all i could say was bye at the moment. I want to give you that at least since i failed at everything else. I know apologies don’t really mean nothing, but it’s the least i can own up to say. I hope you get home safe and sorry i put you in such an uncomfortable and unprecedented situation with someone you thought highly of. I’m for sure a shitty friend and i won’t forgive myself for it