(Taya and Marquis were on the phone after work on a Saturday night and Marquis felt like Taya was distracted on her phone and not paying him no mind, she kept giving him smart remarks every time he asked a question, so he told her he will just call her back. In the moment Taya didn’t realize that Marquis had hung up the phone because he was annoyed at the fact she was not paying any attention to him until after and she then texted him saying: )

Taya: “Are you busy or you just not in the mood for me?”

Marquis: “Honestly seemed like you’re not in the mood for me, you seemed pretty occupied and irritated so I felt like I should just leave you alone”

Taya: “Why do you always like to assume shit? I was fine, you just love to get into your head about things and assume I’m annoyed with you or something, where the fuck did that come from?”

Marquis: “I asked you what are you doing, you replied and said “what does it look like I’m doing” I let that slide and ignored it and didn’t get mad then I asked you how was work you then said “fine” it just felt like you wasn’t trying to conversate at the moment so i felt it would be better to just talk later when you actually wanted to talk.”

Taya: “Since when do you ever take things I say personal? Don’t I always answer you with smart remarks? Why are you always trying to find something to be mad about?”

Marquis: “There’s a difference when we are playing around and you give smart remarks and there’s a certain way you would say it. This time it sounded like you were saying it out of annoyance, but I honestly never said I was mad I just felt like you needed your space.”

Taya: “Okay Marquis.”

Marquis: “Sooooo are we good?”

Taya: “I guess”

(Marquis then called Taya back and she gave him her undivided attention and they had a better conversation than they had before)