The Four Seasons

Summer has nice hot weather

You don’t even need a sweater

During winter time it snows

And I get frostbites in my toes

During the spring my allergies kick in

Which makes me only want to stay in

My birthday is in the fall

So I usually have a ball

But my favorite season is summer

Best part is you don’t actually have to go to school

So instead you can actually go to the pool

Summertime is my favorite season

Three months of no limitations


Spaghetti! My favorite meal

I cant get enough of it

I love the smell, the taste

Spaghetti is the good stuff

The meat on top, perfects the taste

When I make my spaghetti, I stuff my face

Covered with sauce and parmesan cheese on top

When I eat my spaghetti,

it definitely hits the spot

Spaghetti! My favorite meal

Spicy or mild, its a great deal