Poem 1 

Under the covers, shifting left to right

Cannot seem to close my eyes 

Thoughts invade, good and bad 

Imagination runs wild 

Running becomes tired 

Eyes become heavy 

Hard to hold on, to keep imagining 


Lost to the dream world 


Poem 2

Laughter filled the room

And the ecstasy of it

Feet turning rapidly 

Hands waving viciously

Pink tutus and black leotards creating a blur 

Black and white keys echoing, creating a rhythm  

The scent of lilacs in the window

Now, a pitch- black room 

Dust dancing through the air 

Wilted stems 

Remains a distant memory of what it once was 


Poem 3 

Single, the most bipolar out of the four 

Perfect on some days 

Really out of control on others 

It may be too cold or too hot 

Never the same 

Genuinely my favorite season 


Poem 4- Washing Dishes 

The dried Sponge, dehydrated

Running water, drink up

Sweet smelling cherry blossom Soap 

Bubbles, many bubbles

Coat and drown the Utensils 

Squeaky Plates, back and forth motion 

Humming tunes, lost in thought

One after another