My Childhood (poem 1)

I’m five, it’s just me with mom and dad

They don’t get along but it’s me that glue’s them

I’m alone, no sister no brother.

I’m worried I won’t have a mommy or a daddy

I’m sad to see mommy cry and cry

I’m mad at daddy he’s mean and rude

They don’t love each other.

I’m ok if they must split. 

They come first and I’m ok with that. 

Memory of you (poem 2)

I remember you, it’s hard when I don’t get to see you

I remember how tall and well-built you look

I remember your smile and your brown curls

I remember the love you give me

I remember your scent on my clothes and on my hair

I remember how your hand fits in mine

I remember how much I love you and miss. 

Why December (poem 3)

December, why not?

December is the last month and the longest 

It’s the month with snow, Christmas, and new years 

December it’s important to me

Why you may ask

December it’s the first time I had everything

December is gloomy but its cover of white snow

December, come back don’t leave. 

Our summer (poem 4)

Summer is amazing, green grass, tall trees

Flowers bright with nice scent

Summer looks like it came out of a picture, so perfect with no mistakes

Our summer was the first we had together.

We had walks, wind blowing my hair and blowing us to the direction of love.

Our summer was filled of adventures and great memories.

 Memories like us hiking, us travelling, us drinking wine.

Our summer lasted very short. Still wish summer was forever. 

Our summer once’s again comes alive, our summer is here. 

Sleep (poem 5)

Sleep is everything. 

Sleep is what gives you energy, and strength 

Sleep gives you bad and good dreams

Sleep is a way to relax, as well your body rest in the soft and squishy bed

Feeling the covers on top of my body, the warm feeling, the heat that covers and protects me

Sleeping is my way of relaxation, my way of refresh. 

Sleep is everything, to me at least.

Sleep is my elements, sleep is everything.