It was a Sunday afternoon. The whole family is out of town. Whereas two siblings John and Katrina went to the park. They didn’t go because they have class. But they forget to take house keys before they left the house. They came back from the park and when they were coming home they picked up some food to eat. They came in front of the house and looked at each other because each of them was expecting that the other one got the keys for house. But this wasn’t the case. They realized none of them got the keys. Katrina screamed out of anger. John was telling her to shut up. They started to blame each other. After a while they are like there is no meaning fighting with each other now.

They are hungry, they have the foods in their hand but they can’t go inside. John started to open the food because he cannot wait anymore. Katrina said she don’t want to eat here. She wants go in now. She was calling her parents to tell what her brother did. John was getting angry when he saw her sister is being annoying. He already opened the food and started to eat. He told his sister sit here and eat the food with me. But she denied to sit and blamed her brother. John said he cannot do anything now. She told her brother to call someone so they can break the lock. John said no, he is not going to do such thing. Besides he doesn’t have money for that. Then their parents called John and told him to take of his sister until they come back and also they will comeback earlier now. Katrina asked how long? Her mother said before 10pm. John told his sister if she wants to go to their aunts place in the meantime. She said no. After all this she finally sit with her brother in the stairs and started to eat. They both were waiting for their parents to comeback. Silence.