One moment of my life that changed my life from the past I would say when I moved from Bangladesh to here in United States. When I finished my 12th grade in Bangladesh I had to move here because my family was moving here. I wasn’t ready for that moment so early. My father has been living in the USA for a long time now, so he wanted me to move here as well. So even though I was not ready I decided to take the big step.  

After I move here you can say my life is changed totally. I have my family with me but except for that everything was new to me. I had to do everything from the beginning. Even though fresh starts are usually good, but that start was not a good one for me. When I came here, I looked for something to do in my free time. I did not know many people here or I have relatives living here who could help me with my study related issues. I was struggling to find space in my new life. It was not about that only since I did not have friends in the very beginning, I used to feel so alone most of the time. Now whatever I have here is from a point when I was struggling. I hope I do not have to lose this life either.