During my time writing memoir 1 and 2 I have noticed that I can openly and freely write out what I have experienced through. Discussing about a certain object that I had or something I brought like a computer. Some of the challenges I faced while writing was coming up with the idea. And turning that idea into a complete sentence. The reason for that is because I wanted my writing to sound as accurate and complete as possible. Then other struggles I was faced with was which feedback should I use from my cohort. I had to reread each one and check for the one that was common among all and use that to remake my writing. A lot of the times the feedback is very much different and that makes it difficult to find which one is good and which isn’t. I think as we go on about writing the memoir there will be a lot of challenges like finding the topic which matches with my interest. One other aspect of memoir I really enjoyed was writing with the set of instructions