Aninda Das                                                                                      8/26/2022 

                                    “Meet My P.C” 

          The day I first brought my iMac computer was in June 3rd of 2018 and to this day I feel like it is one of the best purchases I have made in my career. I went to the apple store on 5th avenue since it was the closest to my house back then. When I first saw the iMac, I was really impressed with the design and engineering of it. It was one device which I knew would help me a lot in my career especially with the school related tasks. This was my computer that I had received for myself ever since coming to America. It was white and was pretty much compatible with my network. From the time I began to use my desktop it felt like working on a fresh piece of Art on the P.C itself. Every day when I use the P.C in the day or afternoon it not only benefits me and makes my work neat but it helps the other millions of people out there who use it for their work. 

                  Having a P.C in your house is really important it allows for students and other people to work on their assignments and projects. Why specifically a iMac because the computer software is much faster than others. Since that time to now I am definitely looking forward to buying a new one. From the first time I received my iMac my work has always turned out excellent. It holds so much value to my life since the time I brought it. As I got older the P.C remained in my room and I look back usually and say to myself “This was the best choice I ever made”. My best reward for owning this P.C was being a trustable and loyal person and being patient. If I had to give this P.C to someone it would be my mom since she used her own money to buy the P.C and she is the one who cooks and makes food. She leaves early morning to make money and support the family.