I have been seeing leather jacket for my whole life. My uncle has one to this day, my father had one and at some point, even my brother had one. I never had a leather jacket till I was an adult and ever since I was a teen, those jackets looked extremely cool. Those years of watching other people own those jackets, made me want them more and more.

A few years earlier, my friends bought me one on my birthday. My friends bought it for me, so I didn’t know that it was an aviator’s jacket. The jacket was navy blue, had a fly symbol (I don’t know what the art with threads is called so I am just calling those symbols) with wings and the year 1997 symbol on the right chest area, it had a helicopter symbol on the left chest side with a 3-star symbol on one of the arms. I didn’t know what the jacket cost because it was a gift. After 2 years, the jacket did start to look dull, but it is still in my cupboard right now. I did buy another leather jacket last year. The new jacket cost me 5000 Pakistani Rupee which would translate to 35$ after conversion. This jacket is brown, custom made, but it didn’t get any stickers or text on it because I feared it might compromise the material.

Someday I believe I will give a jacket like mine to my cousin who is 9 years old right now. He really likes most of my shirts and jackets, so I believe that he is going to like the gift of the jacket someday as well.