I got my pair of Jordan 1 University Blues through the Nike SNKRS app, a app where you can buy high hyped and limited sneakers. It was my first ever successful draw of the year and I was very excited because the color way and the demand for the pair was very high. My first impressions were just wow. The suede and tumbled leather matched beautifully with a uni blue colorway and white and black mids and uppers.it was a must have to my collection and i would have to get it no matter what. I knew from the leaked pictures and the official photos that the shoe would be very high in demand and hype as it was unique and most likely never releases again, so that grabbed my attention, over time, since it released over a year ago the demand and hype has still maintained its strength and even has surged in price, when it first released it was worth around $350 and now it has surged to $430, over $50 in over a year, and it is not expected to fall anytime soon. Personal value matters to me since it is like a lucky charm, my first ever win in a raffle for a pair of shoes, which I would like to keep with me for a long time. This brought me into the sneaker game as it offers both money and the hype of exclusive pairs that are really hard to cop. this inspired me to push through and become a seller and buyer which made me become more self confident and a businessman since i always find a way to work out deals.