I used to play baseball in high school. as a kid, living in queens and fairly close to citi field there was always the sense of baseball and the New York Mets. they represented queens and NY in MLB. over the years my parents used to take me to mets games as a reward for doing well in school, and behaving etc. this caused me to be a good student and well behaved child during my childhood and teen years. That inspired me to play baseball in high school. i was a freshman in high school and i went to the baseball coach and asked if i can tryout. as i did the trials the coach said i possessed natural talent at the game and the thrill of playing pumped throught my blood. i was selected into the team and began going to practice everday. i chose to become a starting pitcher since they are the most strongest people i ever seen and one of the most vital parts of the team. Over the years i became mentally and physcially stronger as i started to embrace my role as a starter and pitched innings and also managed to hit baseballs. pitchers are not usually known to hit well, but i managed to hit 28 home runs in my first year. i was pumped with emotions and always was a strong competetor. the biggest memory of this is when i was a junior in high school. my schools team had a very good season, going 40-20, and winning our division and going to the playoffs. emotions ran high and we easily advanced into the championship series, which the best two teams of queens face each other and whoever wins goes to the city finals. we lost the first 3 games in a row but we cameback and won 2 games in a row, and game 6 i had the ball. junior year i had the best year hitting .295 , 27 HR and 66 RBI as a pitcher, 9-4 , 2.68 ERA in the reg season, but i never pitched in such a high stakes game, as the game started i was nervous and gave up some runs but my team got them back, and we where tied 2-2. i calmed myself and pitched to my hearts desire and led my team into the city finals, a moment i will never forget, and i struck out elite hitters, saw my friends and family cheer for me, and my team supporting and having my back which led to our victory.