One time i felt anonymous was in high school, there was a huge like pep rally and there so many kids there. i was with my group of friends and we where having a blast just vibing and enjoying the pep rally because it was during the middle of the day, and 3 of our classes where cancelled due to the pep rally. then my friends where part of the school band so they left to go perform on stage and they totally aced it and everyone enjoyed the music. afterwards there where so many people next to them and talking to them, but since i wasnt in the band i didnt get the same royal treatment like they did. i wasnt mad or shy because i wasnt part of the band and just because i am friends with them doesnt mean i have to be treated the same, im not talented enough to play a musical instrument. so for the rest of the pep rally i just sat in the chair and just watched them play and just stuck to myself.